I have developed a small standalone tool using adobe air. The tool is called "Budgeting tool". This tool can be used to store day to day spendings for groceries or milk or whatever we spend on daily basis. You can make an entry daily. you can also see the reports for your spending and all signed in user's as well.

I got the idea from our room. actually we are a few friends staying together. we use to buy milk packs curd , vegetables and groceries for our room,and we will make a note of it in a notepad. End of the month we will calculate the spendings and individual contribution on groceries and we will calculate how much each person has to pay.

I have developed the tool to do this manual calculation. As this is developed using adobe air, look and feel is awesome compare to old desktop application development technologies.

I have posted a few screenshots of my application. Please feel free to ask me , if you need the tool for your room/ house , when u r in such a need of application.

I will come up with new useful blogs on RIA, as this is my first blog, I will update this with technical details soon. At present this doesn't contain any technical information about Adobe AIR and flex.